The Inter-disciplinary Quandary.

Department of Design & Communication
Faculty of Art & Design ,
De Montfort University,
Leicester.UK. (Visitor MAP)

Proceedings of Event on 13 Feb.2002

Inter-disciplinary design and research has its own opportunities and complexities compared to that of a single discipline. The organisation of people and funding are more complicated and there are often confusions as to what are inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary teams. In this event several people were brought together with the purpose of discussing and clarifying some issues. The event will be useful to all who are interested in designing outside the boundaries of individual design disciplines from undergraduate students to researchers, and especially those from product design, 4D design, multimedia design, design management and communication.

WELCOME by Dean of Faculty, Dr Gerard Moran

Introduction by Alec Robertson, Organiser.

Speaker Presentations: Chaired by Professor Hassan Abdalla,

Nick Farmer, The Farmer Studios
Design and the Leisure Industry: mixing design professionals.

Les Wynn, Xerox (Europe), IDHF Projects.
Changing Business Practices and the Inter-disciplinary Development Process

Professor Stephen Scrivener, VIDe, Coventry University.
Mediating Mediated Team Design.

Jeremy Myerson, Co-Director Helen Hamlyn Foundation RCA.
All Together Now: A cross-disciplinary approach to socially inclusive design

Anne Chick, Reader in Design & Environment, Kingston University.
Inter-disciplinary Design Issues and the Sustainability Agenda

Clive Grinyer, Director of Design and Innovation, Design Council.

Design Futures.

Chair: Professor Nigel Cross, Design Studies Journal.

Panel: Clive Grinyer, Nick Farmer, Anne Chick, Les Wynn,
Jeremy Myerson, Stephen Scrivener, Alec Robertson,

Alec Robertson, Closing Address

Event conceived and designed by Alec Robertson.
Event organised with collabroation from
De Montfort University & the Design Research Society.

Faculty of Art & Design
De Montfort University
Leicester, UK.

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