Nick Farmer

    Nick Farmer
    Farmer Studios Ltd.
    16-20 Gladstone Street
    LE1 2BN
    Tel: +44 (0)116 253 0663 Fax: +44 (0)116 251 4645


    Nick Farmer.
    Managing Director and proprietor Farmer Studios Limited

    President of the Themed Entertainment Association - European Division. Nick Farmer is Managing Director of Farmer Studios Ltd., a full service design and build themed entertainment company in Leicester, UK. The company is one of Europe's leading attraction design and production facilities and is considered a complete one-stop shop. The wide range of themed entertainment services offered by the company are primarily a result of Farmer's curiosity and passion for all things creative and technical. He started his working life in accountancy, but resigned the day he qualified, desperately seeking a career where laughter could be found.

    Farmer then joined UK toy manufacturer Palitoy Ltd., a subsidiary of General Mills late toy division, and spent seven years marketing, licencing and exporting brand leading toys. In 1976, an obsession with having his own business resulted in the formation of Farmer Studios.

    Farmer Studios primarily serves visitor attractions, exploratoriums, museums, theme parks and major retailers. Projects are undertaken entirely in-house, from original concepts to final installation and commissioning worldwide. The company designs, produces and builds animatronics, scenery, costume, interactive exhibits, lighting, sound, video and graphics, and are considered a one-stop shop.

    Currently the company is working on space exhibits for Leicester Space Centre and Valencia Science Museum, interactives for the Museum of Docklands, rides for various parks and attractions in the UK, the Continent and in Scandinavia. A multimedia and special effect preshow for the new visitor centre Lomond Shores at Loch Lomond is due to open in April. 21st January 2002


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