Cyberbridge Identity
"Like the elusive Twilight Zone of the American popular culture, 4D is hard to pin down, but once you've been there you're never quite the same in the head".
CYBERBRIDGE is an ARCHIVE Web site for 'design-research' Conference Proceedings.
It is primarily concerned with 4D-DESIGN. Designers, engineers, artists, and design managers will find it useful along with all those involved in the art and science of designing dynamic products, events and systems that involve people. It includes a discussion board - 4D-FORUM.

Designing Design Research 1 : The 4D Dynamics Conference
Designing Design Research 2 : The Design Research Publication
Designing Design (Research) 3 : The Interdisciplinary Quandary
Designing Design Research 4 : Reflecting, Refreshing, Reuniting and Renovating
Designing Design Research 5 : "More is More: Embracing Complexity in Design"
Designing Design Research 6 : "Magic in Complexity: Embracing the 4D Design Arts".
Designing Design Research 7 :
"More is More 2: Designing Dynamic Products for The Everyday".

Common Ground Exhibition Catalogue

This website was established in 1995 by Alec Robertson (
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