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Designing Design Research 4:
Reflecting, Refreshing, Reuniting and Renovating.

Venue: RCA, London, UK.
Date: Saturday 20th March 2004.
The event was organised jointly with The Design Research Society and the Royal College of Art Society, and supported by the Chartered Society of Designers (UK). It was a celebration of design research. The day comprised an afternoon QUESTION SESSION EVENT with a Panel and audience participation from 1.30pm to 5.00 pm GMT; then bar and networking (also DRS OGM), and an EVENING DINNER EVENT, including DRS Awards, speeches and Live Entertainment (Piano & Double Bass), from around 7.00pm to 11pm GMT. It was a memorable occasion.

The Aim of the event was to bring together past and present design researchers, especially those who provided the foundations of the DRS with the current generation. It was an occasion for reflecting and refreshing in an informal atmosphere to guide future action, and an opportunity to reunite colleagues and friends.

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Designed by Alec Robertson

Event organised with collaboration from:
De Montfort University, the Royal College of Art Society, the Design Research Society, and the Chartered Society of Designers (UK).
Event conceived and designed by Alec Robertson (DMU). Convenors: Alec Robertson (DMU & DRS) + Diana Brown (RCA Society).

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