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Designing Design Research 5:

"More is More" - Embracing Complexity in Design

Venue: Senior Common Room, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
Date: Fri/Sat 16th/17th December 2005.

This Finale Event of the 'Embracing Complexity in Design' Research Cluster was part of the UK AHRC and EPSRC Research Initiative 'Designing for the 21st Century'.

The Event comprised Keynote Talks, Virtual Exhibits and Soiree with a Networking Dinner on the Friday 16th Dec. followed by a Symposium with a Virtual Exhibition on the Saturday 17th Dec. including presentations by the ECiD Cluster researchers, a Question Time Event with a Panel of 'Design' experts and multi-disciplinary audience participation. The event was hosted by the Royal College of Art Society - an alumni body.

The aim was to stimulate intellectual academic exchange, celebrate and disseminate the work of the ECiD Cluster. It brought the members of the complexity science community together with the Art&Design community for exploring directions in design research. Many artifacts are becoming increasingly complex due, for example to the introduction of new technology and the requirements of them by different people. Complexity science aims to understand complexities of such situations and there is recognition that designers are often capable of intuitively grasping such complexity when they design within their specialism. Art&Design could offer much to this new frontier with its 'ways of visualisation' and 'ways of knowing'.

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(PowerPoint slides shows, pdf notes, photos and video clips available )

Designed by Alec Robertson. Queries to alec.robertson@4d-dynamics.net (email updated 2013(
Event organised with collaboration from: De Montfort University, the Open University, the Royal College of Art Society, ECiD Research Cluster, and the Chartered Society of Designers (UK). Event conceived and designed by Alec Robertson (DMU).
Convenors: Alec Robertson (DMU & RCA Society & ECiD) + Jeff Johnson (OU & ECiD Leader)