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Designing Design Research 7:

"MORE is MORE 2" - 4D Product Design for The Everyday
DANA CENTRE,, Science Museum, Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7, UK. (MAP)
Tuesday 6th May 2008.

"Is complexity science with arts&design about give us 'polite robotic traffic lights',
an 'angry robot toaster', and delightfully choreographed buildings"?

MORE is MORE 2 was an afternoon Symposium followed by a Networking Soiree prior to an Evening DIALOGUE in the Dana Centre of the Science Museum. Serendipity Syndicates explore emergent directions in design research concerning the 4D arts with particular focus on 'dynamics of articulated responsive objects. Only recently have the disciplines of design, performance arts, and complexity science come together to explore the design of new 'objects'. There is now increasing recognition that designers involved in robot design and dealing with complexity and the performance arts, can offer insights for the innovative design of 'everyday' products and systems.

'4D objects' were available to stimulate emergence of ideas on future design practice and research. New creative industries may well appear in the 21st Century we have yet to conceive of, and it is important to explore 'Avant Garde' ideas for these.

This Event aimed to contribute to 'Embracing Complexity in Design II' Research Cluster and part of the UK AHRC and EPSRC Research Initiative 'Designing for the 21st Century' with the intention of making connections between design practice and 'complexity. Designers, artists, complexity scientists, engineers and design managers attended. The participants explored some 'dynamic objects' and reflected upon our relationship to them for 'real world' application as 'delightful' and 'useful' products, systems and services.

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Event conceived and designed by Alec Robertson with close collaboration of
the D21C ECiD2 and EO2 Research Clusters, with support from The RCA Society, and the Open University
.Event hosted by the Science Museum DANA Centre and endorsed by the Chartered Society of Designers.

General enquiries about this Event should be made by email in the first instance to: alec.robertson (at) 4d-dynamics.net