The Design Research Publication.

School of Design & Manufacture ,
De Montfort University,

Thursday 26th February 1998.

Design research is a relatively new formal activity and what it comprises is still a matter for debate. For example, there are viewpoints as to what is a 'quality' research outcome. Some argue that a refereed paper in an international journal as a result of a systematic study in design should be the highest aim of researchers in the design community. Others argue that original practical work resulting from creative endeavour can be a valid high quality 'design research ' publication on its own. This event, organised in conjunction with the Design Research Society, encouraged discussion about some of the issues involved, and is of particular interest to those developing a 'design research culture'.

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Alec Robertson

Dr Tom Cassidy, Director of Graduate Studies,
School of Design & Manufacture, De Montfort University.

The 'Refereed' Journal.
Professor Nigel Cross,
Editor, Design Studies Journal.

'Publications' and the UK University RAE.
Professor Martin Woolley,
Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Market/ User Research and Design Practice.
Professor James Woudhuysen.
Seymour-Powell Forecasting, UK.

Contract research: dissemination of results.
Professor Jeremy Myerson.
Writer and researcher for the design industry.

Challenging the 'scientific' research paradigm for design.
Dr Ranulph Glanville.
Independent academic and researcher.

Coordinator: Alec Robertson
Questions from Audience.

Dr Tom Cassidy,
Professor Nigel Cross,
Dr Ranulph Glanville,
Professor Jeremy Myerson,
Professor Martin Woolley,
Professor James Woudhuysen.

Event conceived and designed by Alec Robertson.
Event organised with collaboration from De Montfort University and the Design Research Society.

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