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Designing Design Research 2 :

The Design Research Publication.

School of Design & Manufacture,
De Montfort University,

Thursday 26th February 1998.

Design research is a relatively new formal activity and what it comprises is still a matter for debate. For example, there are viewpoints as to what is a 'quality' research outcome. Some argue that a refereed paper in an international journal as a result of a systematic study in design should be the highest aim of researchers in the design community. Others argue that original practical work resulting from creative endeavour can be a valid high quality 'design research ' publication on its own. This event, organised in conjunction with the Design Research Society, encouraged discussion about some of the issues involved, and is of particular interest to those developing a 'design research culture'.

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Event conceived and designed by Alec Robertson.
Event organised with collaboration from De Montfort University and the Design Research Society.

E-mail: alec.robertson (at) 4d-dynamics.net