Professor Susan Tebby.
Fine Art & Sculpture,
School of Arts & Multidisciplinary Studies,
De Montfort University,
Leicester, UK

Kinetics in Art.


Reflecting on the kinds of research that have gone on in the last two and a half decades, in terms of 4D Dynamics the interpretation is centred upon a number of aspects.

Kinetics- things that actually move, as distinct from things that appear to move.

Participation -participation on the part of spectators that has been generated and set up by the artist. B

Interaction - This interests many artists at the moment and it is seen as falling into two areas:

a.Environmental issues, and in which way you can harness the principals from the environment - solar power, wind power, or wave currents to affect artworks in the environment.

b.Set up some kind of technology with which artists and participants affect change. Sometimes they are in control and sometimes only partially in control. For example, a research project conducted at Leicester Polytechnic (now De Montfort University) in the 1970's explored the development of kinetic sculpture by the utilisation of solar power.

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