Alec Robertson

Alec Robertson MA(RCA),FRSA
Department of Imaging & Communication Design.
Faculty of Art & Design
De Montfort University
The Gateway

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With broad experience in design for professional practice, teaching and research contexts I can connect with the spectrum of design disciplines.

I am an independent consultant, entrepreneur, with occasional academic roles. While an academic at De Montfort Univerity, I gained substantial experience in teaching postgraduate and undergraduate design students with well over 100 MA supervisions within art&design completed and some PhD supervision experience. I have held External Examiner roles for MA and BA design courses. Previous academic appointments include being a tutor on the Design Management Course at the Royal College of Art, London.

My research interests include dissemination issues of design research; conceptual modelling for design innovation forecasting, and '4D Design'. I am an advocate of the 'Research Exhibition' as an alternative to the conventional 'Research-Paper' for the design research community; the 'designs-survey' for the 'designing' design researcher along with the conventional 'literature-survey for scientific and humanities design researchers; and 'design practice' in its full richness as a primary 'research method' amongst others.

I have organised several design conferences and events. The first major conference that I organised was '4D Dynamics: Design & Research Methodologies for Dynamic Form"in 1995 followed several others including co-convenor for the DRS "Common Ground Research Exhibition" 2002. The event hosted by the Royal College of Art Society, London in 2004 - "Reflecting, Refreshing, Reuniting and Renovating" was a venture to try and build bridges between the design and research communities. My latest event was DDR7 with the 'Embracing Complexity in Design' Research Cluster (ECiD) sponsored by the UK AHRC and EPSRC Research Initiative 'Designing for the 21st Century'. Entitled "MORE is MORE 2: 4D Product Design for the Everyday' and hosted by the Science Museum, London in May 2008,this brought complexity scientists, performing artists and design researchers together.

The website Cyberbridge-4D at , includes some archives of these conferences. I have held several elected Council Officer posts of the Design Research Society, and I was Chair of the long established RCA Society (Elected Mar 2006-07). I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK.

Recent funded research was with the D21C initiative for ECiD2 Cluster ( ), and as a consultant to EO2 Cluster ( I welcome opportunities to contribute within trans-disciplinary design and research projects.

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