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Professor Ranulph Glanville

Professor Ranulph Glanville.

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Ranulph Glanville gained a diploma in architecture at the Architectural Association School, London (working in the area of experimental electro-acoustic music), followed by cybernetics (his PhD, which tackles the question of what structure might sustain the belief that we all see differently yet believe we see the same thing, was examined by Heinz von Foerster, his supervisor was Gordon Pask) and then human learning (PhD, dealing with how we understand architectural space, examined by Gerard de Zeeuw, supervisor Laurie Thomas). He has published extensively in all four fields. He has taught in Universities around the world.

Although Ranulph took early retirement from a full time post in the UK he currently holds a post at University College, London, UK, and professor and senior visiting research fellow at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Melbourne, Australia. He travels the world advising universities as a professor of odd jobs. He has consulted in a variety of areas from a mental health hospital to a bank and from universities to the creation of CAD systems for designers. Ranulph was elected vice president of the American Society for Cybernetics (first even non North American Officer).

He is married to the Dutch physiotherapist, Aartje Hulstein, and his son Severi works with digital media in Helsinki. His hobby is whichever of his interests he is not currently doing. He lives in Southsea, UK, and relaxes in the upper cabin of jumbo jets.

Selected Publications

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