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Naomi Gornick

Naomi Gornick.
Naomi Gornick Associates

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Naomi Gornick kindly stood in on behalf of panellist Frank Peters, CEO of the CSD, due to urgent business preventing Frank from attending.

Naomi Gornick is a Design Management consultant specialising in higher education and advanced training programmes for in-house and consultant designers. She currently works with in-house design teams such as those in Nokia, Helsinki and the European HQ of Procter and Gamble, Geneva as well as Alloy product designers in the UK. From 1989 to 2001 she initiated and developed post-graduate programmes at the Royal College of Art and Brunel University. The aim has been to extend the boundaries of traditional design education and to create design-based professionals with advanced understanding of creativity and innovation processes in industrial organisations. Many graduates from her programmes have taken up senior management positions in UK and international companies.

Naomi Gornick is Honorary Professor of the University of Dundee. She lectures on design management in the UK as well as at conferences in the UK, US and Europe, specifically the Design Management Institute in the US, the European Academy of Design and the Design Research Society. Naomi Gornick has also has been involved in the development of several radically new design programmes at London Institute (now University of the Arts, London), Middlesex University, de Montfort University and at Kingston and Regentsą Business Schools. She continues working with Goldsmiths College and several UK design institutions on new curriculum development. Her papers are published in Design Management Review (formerly Design Management Journal)(USA), Designjournalen (Sweden) and Innovation (Quarterly of the Industrial Designers Society of America) as well as The Designer and DesignWeek in the UK.

As Director of the Masters Degree programme, Design, Strategy and Innovation, in the Brunel Design Department, Naomi Gornick developed collaborative links with industrial companies through research-based audits and internships. These industry-directed activities attracted sponsorship funding from British Airways and the Rover Group. Over 40 UK-based companies have been in partnership with the MA programmme.

Naomi Gornick is Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Open University and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Chartered Society of Designers. In March 2003, she was the first international member of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) to Chair the jury for IDEA Excellence Awards in Washington DC, USA.

Selected Publications

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