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Mateo Willis

Mateo Willis .

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Biography: Mateo Willis

Mateo Willis is a video artist whose work strays across the boundary of art and actuality filming. He has been short-listed for international art awards and pieces have been displayed in numerous galleries and film festivals all over the world. The theory of complexity provides the conceptual starting point for much of his work which he has presented and discussed at many conferences on the subject. Further examples can be seen at www.mateowillis.com

Crowded Out

Crowded Out explores locomotion through the crowded environement of cities. Filmed in the bazaars and rail yards of Delhi, the rejunivated centre of Liverpool and the seething melting pot that is London, the piece highlights how natural movement trails develop out of the seeming disorder of multiple agents. In each system underlying rules determine the emergent visible behaviour.

Selected Publications

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