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Professor Jeffrey Johnson

Prof Jeffrey Johnson
Professor of Complexity Science & Design
Design & Innovation
Faculty of Technology
Open University
Milton Keynes

Tel: +44 (0)1908-652627 (Lab)
phone: +44-(0)-1908-652627
fax: +44-(0)-1908-654052
mobile: +44-(0)-77-966-966-21
email: j.h.johnson@open.ac.uk

Jeffrey Johnson is Professor of Complexity Science and Design. He joined the Open University in 1980 after three years as Senior Research Associate in the Geography Department of Cambridge University, and six years as Research Fellow in the Mathematics Department of Essex University.

Education & Teaching Complexity Science & Q-analysis ONCE-CS European Complex Systems Society Embracing Complexity in Design Recent Publications Industry T183 Design and the Web T184 Robotics and the meaning of life A178 Perspectives on Leonardo da Vinci Robotics Education, RoboFesta & RoboCup.

For further details go to Jeff's Home Page at http://design.open.ac.uk/johnson.html

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