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john chris jones

john chris jones.

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John Chris Jones is one of the leading figures in design theory and author of several key books such as Design Methods, published in 1970 and still in print. He was appointed as the first professor of design at the British Open University and has been writing and lecturing independently since 1974. More recently he has established a unique web presence via a peripatetic and mobile blog, or digital diary. He is the author of The Internet and Everyone, Ellipsis, London, 2000 which is now available by mail order from: tracey AT myshop.me.uk (replace AT by @)

He was awared the Design Research Society Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004.
See.... http://nelly.dmu.ac.uk/4dd//DDR4/DDR4-frame2.html

As Keynote dinner speaker of 'More is More' he will say something about complexity in practice. It will include a brief reading from softopia, his website or public writing place:


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jcj AT softopia.demon.co.uk (replace AT by @)

Selected Publications

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