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Pip Greasley and Alec Robertson

Pip Greasley and Alec Robertson .
Department of Imaging & Communication Design,
Faculty of Art & Design
De Montfort University,
LE1 9BH, UK.

[t]: + 44 116 257 7544
[f]: +44 116 257 7574
[e]: pgreasley@dmu.ac.uk
[e]: alecr@dmu.ac.uk
[w]: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/4dd/

Pip Greasley is a composer and sonic artist. His works include the ground breaking 5K Pursuit Opera (1992) for Channel 4 Television - the first truly interactive electronic music work where racing pursuit cyclists could drive the score and libretto for an operatic performance in real time. Other works include the opera video installation The Last Broadcast, a sensory environment whereby live singers interact with their robotic counterparts. He is Senior Lecturer in Sonic Arts & Sound Design at De Montfort University.

Alec Robertson's experience has been focused on innovation research, industrial and information design, with research interests including dissemination problems of design research; conceptual modelling for design innovation forecasting, and 4D Design. He has organised several design & research conferences and events, including "4D Dynamics" in 1995. The website Cyberbridge-4D at http://www.dmu.ac.uk/4dd/, includes some archives of these conferences. He is a Principal Lecturer within the Design Innovation and graphic communication at De Montfort Unniversity.

Poster design by Harbinder Ahir

(Diagram by Alec Robertson)
BA Graphic Design, De Montfort University

Selected Publications

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