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Damian Gascoigne

Damian Gascoigne .
Complexity Research Programme
Kingston University
Kingston upon Thames
London, UK.

Tel: 07815 505855
email: damian_dames@hotmail.com

Damian Gascoigne is an animation artist and filmmaker. He has recently completed an Arts council funded short film called ³Careful², which was screened on Channel 4 on December 6th 2005. Damian has created an installation of animation in collaboration with Jeff Johnson of the Open University, for an exhibition entitled ³Complex Embrace² at the Stanley Picker gallery in Kingston.

Damian trained as an illustrator at Kingston University and currently teaches animation at the University.

His other films include- ³A cream and two plains²- nominated for Best animated film, British Animation awards 2002. ³How to get rid of information²- nominated for best short film Hiroshima animation festival 2000. ³The Franklinıs Tale²- one of a collection of animated films based on Chaucerıs Canterbury Tales nominated for an Oscar 1999.

Damian is represented by the production company Picasso Pictures in London.

Selected Publications

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