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Adam Oliver

Adam Oliver.
Head of Innovation for Age & Disability and Corporate Social Responsibility
BT Head Office
Newgate Street
London EC1

Tel: 020 7356 4455 / 07802 218 280
Email: Adam.2.Oliver@bt.com

Adam's role in the Group CTO (Chief Technology Officer) team is:
  • Articulate BT's leading innovation position
  • Help define future concept products and services
  • Focus age and disability and corporate social responsibility research

    Adam has a keen interest in the inclusive design of our products and is at the forefront of BT's drive for accessible products for all our customers. Adam leads BT's research teams on future concepts and services that can benefit BT's diverse range of customers.

    Adam also works with all levels of people within BT and ensures that we are fully aware of the art of the possible. His experience covers a range of technology from PDAs, mobile phones, wireless networks, telephony control, text to speech, voice recognition and VOIP. Adam is a regular speaker at wireless industry events. His recent work within the CIO's (Chief Information Officer) area included introducing the BlackBerry into BT and this has now enabled over 5,500 users in BT to have their lives transformed. Adam was also closely involved in ensuring BTs employees have flexible access to information.

    Recently he has been leading on the development of an Ambient Interface, which shows what is possible from a radical new device. This promises to be an exciting development for BT and shows what can be done when you take an innovative look at how people interact with information, by portraying information in colour, patterns and sound

    Selected Publications

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