photo Dr. Ramsay Burt,
Dept of Performing Arts,
De Montfort University,
Leicester, UK.

Theatricality, Time And Presence In Postmodern Performance.
photo Kok-Kong Kuan,
Brunel University,
London, UK.

Artificial Intelligence in Performance Arts.

photo Rosa Freitag,
Dept of Computer-related Design,
Royal College of Art,
London, UK

Interactive Characters: Computer Generated Artlficial Personalities Vs. Real Actors in Video.
photo Pollard Lucien
BSc Industrial Design ,
University of Luton,
Luton, UK.

Air Culture.
photo David Durling,
Edge Ltd.,
P.O. Box 65,
Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS25 OYH, UK.

Virtual Personalities.
photoDr Nicholas Arnold,
Dept of Performing Arts,
De Montfort University,
Leicester. UK.

Invisible Performance - A Design for Living.
photo Barry Edwards
Dept Peforming Arts,
Brunel University,
London, UK.

Working With Complexity: An Approach to Live Performing.
photo Paul Martin,
Department of Industrial & Graphic Design,
School of Design and Manufacture,
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

Spatial Design Beyond Three-Dimensional Form.

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