Galina Lola,
Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky Higher Maritime College,

Social Significance of Design in the Post-Modern Period. (abstract)
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Design can be a universal methodology of organisation of social space. The social significance of Design as a general methodology is increasingly important in contemporary society. Design is connected with real social changes. Today it is necessary to think of design as a social methodology, one of the main features of which is a concern for the particularities of subcultures and different social groups.

A design is the result of an attempt to release the inherent properties of components through their transformation, where there is no arbitrary manipulation of a material within Design , but the act of organisation and control of a particular space of reality.

While in the past Design has meant the creation of physical objects intended to make the world more comfortable to live in, Design can now have a new role - as a social methodology which can help us to integrate and adapt ourselves together with physical objects into the flickering world of a contemporary culture.

I suggest Design can be understood in the Post-modern light as a way of co-ordinating communicative processes., where design activity is the organisation of communication in social space.



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