Professor Bruce Archer, CBE

    What are some crucial questions to be addressed?

    Professor Rob Parkin - 'Mechatronics'

    What is 4D to me?
    How do we assess the growth of technology?
    How do we cope with the development of technology in the design process?
    Autonomous Robots - where do the get all their information?
    Neural Networks - How do we integrate these technologies?
    How does one single discipline designer get his mind around the issue?

    Professor John Lansdown - 'Electronic Arts'

    We need to look for a theory of multimedia and re-examine the role of
    -data mining and knowledge discovery
    -new and improved design methods.

    Professor Susan Tebby - 'Kinetic Sculpture'

    Who benefits from 4D design ?
    What kind of technologies can be harnessed?
    Can we utilise theory from 'antiquity' in the current climate of developing multimedia technology and art?
    At what point do we engage others on a collaborative basis?

    Professor Brian Allison - 'Art and Design Research'

    Is research in art and design a purely academic venture?
    What constitutes information which might underpin an informed practice of design?
    Do professional designers really actively undertake research?
    What attitudes do designers have for collaborative endeavour?
    How can the interface between design education and industry be developed?

    Mike Huxley - 'Performing Arts'

    What are the new frontiers ?
    Where do we locate the new discipline especially with those yet to be defined?
    What are the conceptual challenges we are now to face?
    We have music performance on the INTERNET, what would dance performance look like?

    Alec Robertson - 'Design Futures'

    What is 4D design?
    Is professional industrial design responding to new requirements in commerce and industry?
    Is multimedia part of 4D design?
    What kind of design will designers be doing in the 21st Century.
    What are the ethical issues involved within 4D design?
    What impact will 4D design have on the natural environment?

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