Lucy Morrison
Development Manager, Design Section,
Royal Society of Arts,
8 John Adam Street,
London WC2N 6EZ,UK.

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 930 5115

Ideas across frontiers

'To embolden enterprise, to enlarge science, to refine art, to improve our manufactures and to extend our commerce....'

This was the 'mission statement' with which the RSA's founder William Shipley launched his 'Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce' in 1754.

The RSA is good at forming partnerships, at working with others to increase the leverage for change.

The RSA in an instrument of change: it works to create a civilised society based on a sustainable eceonmy. It uses its independence and the resources of its Fellowship in the UK and overseas to stimulate discussion, develop ideas and encourage action.

Its main fields of interest and influence today are business and industry, design and technology, education, the arts and the environment. Three themes underlie the Society's current involvement in these areas: A Learning Society, A Sustainable World and Living and working.

In all its work RSA endeavours to take ideas across the frontiers of specialisation and vested interest. In this way the RSA upholds the aims of its Founder.

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