The Design Research Society is the multi-disciplinary international learned society for the design research community. DRS was founded in 1967, and since then has established a record of significant achievements in contributing to design knowledge.

DRS has facilitated an international design research network in 40 countries comprising members who maintain contact through the publications and activities of the Society. Members are drawn from diverse backgrounds, not only from the traditional areas of design, ranging from fine art to engineering, but also from subjects like psychology and computer science.

Our interests include:

recognising design as a creative act common to many disciplines
understanding research and its relationship with education and practice
advancing the theory and practice of design

We realise these by:

encouraging the development of scholarship and knowledge in design
contributing to the development of doctoral education and research training
sharing knowledge across the boundaries of design disciplines
facilitating networks to exchange and communicate ideas, experience and research findings.
promoting awareness of design research
organising and sponsoring conferences, and publishing proceedings
encouraging communications between members internationally
responding to consultative documents
lobbying on behalf of members' research interests
recognising excellence in design research through awards
sponsoring email discussion groups and a monthly emailed newsletter


DRN - Design Research News is the digital newsletter of the Design Research Society. It communicates news about research throughout the world. It is mailed at the beginning of each month and it is free. Click for download of a SAMPLE COPY You may subscribe and unsubscribe at: -research.html

QCR - Quarterly Council Report sent via E-Mail to full members on the private (Members are added to this list as they join the Society only.) It includes a selection of edited reports from international Council members and Council Officers received from time to time. Click for download of a FREE SAMPLE ISSUE (in MS WORD).

DRS is a discussion list open for unmoderated discussion on all matters related to design research. You may subscribe and unsubscribe at the following site:

PHD-DESIGN is a discussion list open for unmoderated discussion on all matters related to the PhD in design. Topics include philosophies and theories of design, research methods, curriculum development, and relations between theory and practice. You may subscribe and unsubscribe at the following site: html

DESIGN STUDIES is the International Journal for Design Research in Engineering, Architecture, Products and Systems, which is published in co-operation with the Design Research Society. DRS members can subscribe to the journal at special rates.


Academic and industrial organisations host regular events organised by DRS members enabling members to meet.

National One-day events are held from time to time such as:

The DDR Series in UK eg.Designing Design Research 2: The Design Research Publication.
The next DRS national event is in Syros, Greece, July 2003. Contact: DRS (Greece) - Dr Artemis Yagou at .(DRS member note: please contact your regional DRS Council member initially for support of a proposed event.)

International major events are organised by DRS members from time such as:

4D DYNAMICS: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Design and Research Methodologies for Dynamic Form, 21/22 September 1995 organised in association with De Montfort University, Leicester and supported by the Chartered Society of Designers, England.

QUANTUM LEAP: Managing New Product Innnovation: A DRS International Conference on Product Development Research hosted by the University of Central England in collaboration with the Bradford Management Centre. 8,9,10 September 1998.

A Biennial Conference is held at a different international venue. The last such conference was:

COMMON GROUND CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION 2002 A DRS International Conference on Design Research hosted by Brunel University. September 2002. For details of a CDROM containing full papers and additional material please email

The next Biennial Conference is in 2004 and will be hosted by Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


Membership of DRS provides:

regular communications about research activities worldwide
reduced fees to DRS sponsored events
representation of the design research community and members' interests
a means of identifying and contacting other members
an opportunity to contribute to the international design research community
reduced subscription to Design Studies, the international journal.
member information on the 'private' DRS-MEMBERS list.

Membership is open to individuals and costs 20.00 per year.

For further details and an application form, contact the membership secretary:

Professor Robert Jerrard,
DRS Membership Secretary,
School of Design Research,
Birmingham Institute of Art & Design,
University of Central England,
Corporation Street,
England. B4 7DX


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