There have been fundamentally new ideas ventilated at this conference, and I think it marks a turning point.

    "4D Dynamics has changed the way we all think".

    "There are more disciplines concerning 'design' represented here than I have seen for many years. This is a good signal for the future. The Design Research Society was set up to encourage interdisciplinary discussion and there are many members here.

    "What we need now is a national design-research strategy. The time is right for organisations involved in design to get together and define way forward."

    Click here for audio statement.Speaker ICON AIFF(suspended)

    Professor Bruce Archer CBE, President,
    The Design Research Society

    "The 4D Dynamics Conference has been a great success. It has brought people together from different disciplines involved with design from engineering, and industrial design to the performing arts. 4D is clearly a powerful concept that people have recognised as something worth pursuing."

    "The time is right for a paradigm shift in design - a new mind set to extend the ethos of design thinking to new areas of growing importance."

    "The synergy of multimedia and robotics with 'smart' structures and materials plus a synthesis of knowledge from the disciplines of ergonomics and the performing arts, together with the ethos of 4D industrial design, where people come first is exciting. It will result in profound changes for design education, design practice, but design research is needed to help us understand the opportunities in front of us.

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    Alec Robertson - Conference Organiser

    "Like the Twilight Zone of American popular culture, 4D design is hard to pin down, but once you've been there you're never quite the same in the head."

    "By conceptually dragging 4D design beyond the limitations of computer technology and reintroducing it to the physical world of human behaviour and performance, Alec Robertson has done the communications industry a good turn."

    "... once we venture into design's fourth dimension all that has gone before begins to look quite dull by comparison."

    See "CRUCIAL TIMING"- a feature by Professor Myerson in CREATIVE REVIEW Journal on 4D design.

    Professor Jeremy Myerson. De Montfort University, Leicester.

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