The Aims of the Conference.

To provide imaginative ideas on the design of dynamic products, events and structures from different disciplines.

To provide research-orientated and practically-orientated sessions providing a unique opportunity for knowledge dissemination.

To provide the foundation of pioneering design and research activity for the 21st century.

To provide insights into creativity and design thinking.

The Organisations involved were.

The Conference Designer

The conference was a 'real' 4D Design and it was designed by Alec Robertson, De Montfort University, Leicester. UK.

The Conference Structure.

The structure provided delegates with a variety of informational experiences. These included:

A plenary session for:

RESEARCH QUESTIONS, where delegates were introduced to the Chairpersons of four:

SYNDICATE groups, each comprising speakers presenting four PRINCIPAL PAPERS (20 minutes each) and four ABSTRACT PAPERS (10 minutes each). Delegates were able to transfer between syndicate papers. This was a highly 'active' session providing delegates with information.

The syndicates were followed by presentation of:

GUEST SPEAKERS followed by:


A PERFORMANCE and an EXHIBITORS session followed the discussion, after which there was the Conference Dinner including:

A KEYNOTE GUEST SPEAKER, and an event at the end..

On-line Conference Proceedings